What is Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing

Introduction, Summary, and Outline

After witnessing the mayhem of 'MLM Madness' for all too long - gone unchallenged - the following article was written as a clarion call to sanity. It has also proved handy to give to over-zealous MLM proselytizers. Heh, Heh. You can use it similarly, but NOT for profit use.

3K Image of Ancient Egyptian Networking Structures The 'Net is virtually flooded with self-serving MLM propaganda. As a rejoinder and a modest attempt to balance this, we humbly submit the following article in the dim hope that a few might be able to "snap out of it" before too much more damage is done.

Brace yourself, MLM's are awful ugly when seen up-close and with a gimlet eye!

This is a business analysis and commentary of four major problem areas with Multi-Level Marketing, AKA Network Marketing.

I) Market Saturation Just who is in charge of this here train?
II) Pyramid Structure Denial is more than just a river in Egypt . . . it seems
III) Morality and Ethics How low will people stoop when there is no one left to sell to?
IV) Relationship Issues Friends as "marks" and neighborhoods as markets



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