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Ski Terrorists Close up of Mug Shot Zermatt Switzerland - "Ski Terrorists"

This is a picture of me and my brother Stephen taken in a photo booth and taped onto the back of the card. Sent during the Gulf War, the text says: "We intend to ski until the bombing stops. What are you doing for peace in the Middle East?"

Luxemburg Luxemburg

"We had to resort to some creative sleeping techniques on a WAY overcrowded all night train last night; like underneath seats, on luggage racks, etc. Add this to the thoughts you have of the romance and glamour of travel!"

Hotel De Ville, Paris, France Hotel De Ville, Paris, France

"...The trip would be perfect - except that Dean has had a terrible case of gas!"

Inter Island Ship New Zealand Inter-Island Ferry

Writers Cramp Excuse... written on back in LARGE PRINT:
"With all of the technical data (above) about this ship, they don't leave me any room to say anything! Well, it looks like I am out of room. More later..."

Saint Tropez, French Riviera Saint Tropez, France

"Just living it up in St. Tropez... and wondering what the poor folk are doing. LIVID?!?"

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