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Travel postcards, essentially, point out that the sender is in an interesting vacation spot and the recipient is not. This vague rudeness is why we feel awkward about what to write on the back. Should we depict the good time we are having and really rub it in? Or rather, should we complain of travel indignities and bunions?

Over the years, we have reduced the basic idea of the postcard to a single word. It took some time to evolve to this level of clarity, as you will see below. All of these are examples of actual postcards kept by friends and loaned to us to make this collection.

Blue Hole, Jamaica San San Bay, Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

"Sparkling blue water, palm trees swaying in the cool ocean breezes as we lounge on the sun deck, exotic flowers, colorful fish... By the way, how are things back at the office in PLANO Texas?"

Vail, CO at Night Vail, CO

"I thought of writing you all sorts of stuff, but instead I will just come right to the point. I am here, and you are not. Doesn't that say it all?"

Hawaii Lagoon Honolulu, Hawaii

"While you are working your fingers to the bone, I am relaxing on the beach. I just thought you would like to know this. You are livid, I'm sure..."

Chamonix From Train Station Chamonix, French Alps

"ANSWERS: Yes, I am having a good time. No, I don't miss work. Yes, we are getting along just fine. No, you're not here! Livid?!?"

Ski Jump Lake Tahoe, Nevada

"It makes my trip all the sweeter to think that while we're here goofing off skiing... you guys have your noses to the grindstone. Justice is finally served."

Surfers Paradise Back of Card Surfers Paradise, Australia

The quintessential text finally emerges - a single word:   "LIVID!?!"   Both a statement and a question... the postcard boiled down to its bare essence.

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