POST CARD MADNESS! Cultural Parody

St. Moritz Hotel Palace St. Moritz Palace Hotel, Switzerland

"Holy Wealth! This place is teaming with Franks (that's dollars to you... USA breath). Limo's to the ski slopes, Rolex watches (real ones!), families with matching furs, huge ballrooms with crystal glistening in the candlelight. High fashion, high glitz. Yes, St. Moritz has it all... including us with our K-MART jackets and beanies."

Bay of Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia

"This place is bizarre! Everyone is strange. Don, you could walk around here and no one would stare at you! The whole city is like Venice Beach."

Rotorua, New Zealand Hell's Gate, Rotorua, New Zealand

Text from card: "Noted more for its weirdness that for natural beauty... George Bernard Shaw said "Hell's gate, I think is the most damnable place I have ever visited, and I'd willingly have paid ten pounds not to have seen it." "What a mess! It's what I imagine your rooms look like!"

Panorama of Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan

"I've become a Sushi monster! I'm beefing up in preparation for sumo-wresting all of you when I get back. Prepare your outfits!"


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